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I came home from a work trip Feb 2020 and was in the shower when I noticed a sharp stabbing pain in one of my testicles. Nearly passed out in the shower because my whole body was radiating pain.

Went and saw the doctor who immediately brushed it off as an STD or some sort of infection. Got a second opinion and the doctor immediately rushed to get an ultrasound scheduled. I had my ultrasound scheduled on Monday, had the results Wednesday, and then referred and set up with an appointment on Friday with a Urologist. All in one week.

The movies don’t even do justice when the doctor says those words. On Friday March 13th 2020 I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. Everything was a blur. Everything he was saying was muffled. My fiancé at the time was taking in all the info. The urologist then suggested and set up my surgery for that Monday (just a few days later) to have the tumor removed.

Monday March 16th 2020 I had my first right testicle removed.

After post surgery and recovery I was scheduled with a Scan to see if the cancer had spread. I met with an oncologist the beginning of April and was diagnosed as Stage 2A as the cancer had spread to two of retroperitoneal nodes. I was informed that chemotherapy was the best course of action and that I would be running the risk of a weak immune system during a global pandemic, Covid -19.

Knowing the risk, I went through with it. I started BEPx3 chemo on April 27th 2020 and ended June 28th 2020.

As of 1/18/21, I am officially in remission.