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I have the distinct honor of being a double Testicular Cancer Survivor (AKA Flatbagger!)
I was 20 when I first had this disease. I knew very little about it so I was happy to ignore the lump on my left testicle for around 9 months until I decided to get it checked out.

When I first found it, the lump was the size of a pea; when I got it looked at it was the size of my middle and index finger put together. I had surgery to remove the nut, and even though I had left it for so long, it was still in stage one. I had radiotherapy to kill off any cancer cells that may have spread. Prior to the radiotherapy, I froze some sperm, in case I wanted to have any kids in the future, which my fiancee and I did in 2008, and the result are our twins, Samuel and Bethany!


I had an operation to become a FlatBagger and once again it was in stage one.

In 2014 I found a lump on my remaining ball; this time I didn’t waste anytime and got it seen to ASAP (the urologist I saw said it was the smallest testicle lump he had ever examined!).

I had a cycle of carboplatin chemotherapy and I am now on four monthly check up’s.

I view my cancer experiences as a gift, not a curse. It opened my eyes and showed me how strong I am and what life is about.