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In late 2014 I had been feeling something in my groin area. It was the kind of feeling that is left behind after you’ve been hit in the family jewels. After a shower one evening I did a quick inspection of myself and I noticed that my right testicle was a little misshapen.

Being stubborn I continued to ignore and hide symptoms from my wife.
 I didn’t think to much of at first and just assumed it would go away eventually. After ignoring it for a few months I began to feel a heaviness in my legs followed by swelling. Working became very difficult and in late February of 2015 I had become sick with what I thought was the flu.

Not being able to shake it I decided to check myself into the ER. After a few hours of blood work and waiting, a doctor gave my wife and I the news. “Sorry to say this Mr. Gonzalez but it seems that you may have cancer.” Fear and confusion, just a couple of the emotions that we felt at that moment.


After meetings with the urologist and oncologist some scans and tests were run. My right testicle was removed and because the cancer had spread into my lymph nodes and a mass had began to grow in my abdomen I was going to have to go through at least 20 sessions of chemo therapy in the next few months.


Everything seemed to be happening so quickly. Before I knew it I had lost all my hair and was about 60lbs lighter than I was a couple months prior. CHEMO SUCKS!   


I spent a lot of time alone. Depression would like to show its ugly face during this time. When I would feel like this I would close my eyes I just cry out to God like a child for his parent, and He always answered!


Although getting cancer and having to go through chemo was probably some of the worst stuff I had to go through, it gave me an opportunity to exercise my faith in Christ. It gave me a chance to walk out some of the things I was taught in church. When I was going through chemo, my wife had to work and my children had school so


I would receive a phone call or a text from a friend or family member saying they were praying for me. A knock at the door would be my sister bringing me food or my mother there to comfort me. The support of my loved ones through all of it is priceless and there is no way I could of done it with out them.


After 20 sessions of chemo a few more scans were run and the mass that was growing in my abdomen was completely gone along with any signs of cancer. Of course the doctors and chemo had a lot to do with my physical healing but there aren’t any drugs that can cure those feelings of depression, loneliness and despair.


Only the love of God was able to heal me from that and I thank Him for it daily!