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It all started one day when I came from the university. I felt a slight pain in his right testicle, but since I had been working with horses and cows in the university’s farm, I thought that probably I had accidentally hit myself with some tool I use when handling the animals during one of the practices in class.


So, the days passed, the pain disappeared but my testicle started to grow. Obviously, something was not right.

I went to the doctor and was told that it could possibly be Hydrocele, which means to have liquid around your testicle, so, I was sent to a Urologist to have a better analysis on his case.


On May 30th I went to the Urologist and had some blood analysis and an ultrasound done to see if there was a tumor in his testicle; and unfortunately, there was. I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. The doctor advised that I needed to schedule a surgery ASAP to remove that tumor.


On May 31st, we did all the paperwork they requested to schedule the surgery. We were going from one place to another checking our bank accounts because unfortunately, I do not have insurance (Most of the people in our country don’t have one). Finally, I was able to solve that and have the surgery scheduled for the next day, June 1st.


On June 1st, I had the surgery to have that tumor removed. The surgery was a total success, tumor was removed but I had to lose his right testicle. When my girlfriend saw me getting out of the surgery room showing thumbs up that was the best birthday AND anniversary gift she could have had.  We went home on that night.


A few days after the surgery, I had a tomography to scan the rest of his body and thanks God there is no visible sign of damage in his body. Still, the doctor advised that since the tumor was a “mixed tumor”, it was going to be necessary to have 1 or 2 cycles of preventative Chemo.


I started the first cycle yesterday morning. Thank God I have not had any side effect yet. I was still a bit nervous but I kept a positive attitude, which is really important. (I even decided to cut his hair 2 days ago).


We are all praying and relying on God,  just hoping that I have a smooth and speedy recovery.


I send lots of love to all Cancer patients and survivors, and a warm hug to their families and friends who are always showing support and love (from my girlfriend).