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My journey with testicular cancer started May 2017. I went into urgent care last May with miserable pain in my right testicle. After many tests and scans, they diagnosed me with Stage 1 Testicular Cancer.
Testicular cancer has been a huge eye opener to this awareness. I think every guy needs to go and get checked out and do your monthly personal checks.


The cancer cells spread to my lymph nodes in my stomach also. A month after, I had surgery to remove the testicle and I knew the journey wasn’t over yet.

Next I was set up for having radiation treatments 5 days a week for a couple weeks. With the grace of god, my last check up before I was going to start treatments, the cancer that was in the lymph nodes disappeared. The doctors could not believe it and were in shock. I’m coming up on almost a year now of being cancer free. Before being diagnosed, I never even heard of testicular cancer. Also being the age of 23, young men my age are in high risk of having it.